"I used the Pink Wink cream for two weeks and oh my gosh it's amazing! I've gotten overall, even, dramatic lightening of the darker areas and absolutely NO reaction!"

Pink Wink Bleach Cream

My Pink Wink Cream is safe and effective in fading the darker areas of the anus, as well as other intimate areas of the body for males and females.


  1. Use My Pink Wink Cream once or twice a day on clean, hair-free skin.
  2. Use a very small amount, just enough to cover the area you want treated.
  3. Leave it on (you don't need to rinse it off).
  4. Use it consistently for one month.
  5. Evaluate skin color.
  6. Continue using until the skin is lightened to the desired shade.
  7. May take anywhere from one month to six months.

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